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About Archtur, Singapore

Archtur is an architectural and interior design firm focused on crafting and delivering purposeful, people-centred spaces. 


Led by the principles of UX (user experience) design, Archtur’s holistic approach enables the firm to create meaningful spaces that anticipate and adapt to ever-evolving modern-day needs. The commitment to delivering user-centric spaces is seen at the heart of the business; a dedication to rethink and rewrite the narrative of architecture, by embracing the future of spatial experiences. 


Based in Singapore, the home-grown architectural practice is helmed by founder and principal architect Jonathan Lim, who has served in the industry for over 20 years, across varying capacities as an architectural student, registered architect, contractor, and property developer.


Ar. Jonathan Lim, Archtur, Singapore



Jonathan’s dream and passion for Architecture started as a boy Scout when he designed, modelled, and constructed real life structures such as towers, bridges, gateways, and campsites equipped with kitchen and furniture to live, cook, and sleep in. Fascinated with how dreams were realized with such iterations, Jonathan studied and graduated with a Master of Architecture. He aspired to design and construct a new skyscraper in the CBD skyline which he accomplished after 6 years into his career. As a Registered Architect in Singapore and a Member of the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), Jonathan went on to serve the industry as a Project Manager and Design Manager in renowned Property Developer and Contractor firms which he undertaken several public and private apartment projects. Moving on to realizing the dreams of homeowners, Jonathan founded Archtur where he designed and undertaken numerous landed houses and shophouses and commercial spaces which have transpired their dreams into better lives and memories.

While not all projects were smooth sailing and painless, Jonathan finds joy and fulfilment in guiding Clients who were unfamiliar not just with the industry standards and processes, but also the whole building journey and lifecycle. He further finds satisfaction for helping Clients fulfil their dreams in the most dynamic and customized experience regardless of circumstance, constraint, and resource. For dreams do not just materialize and end at the completion of a project, it is the ability to author and enjoy the journey of realizing your dreams that goes a far longer way.

Having served in the industry for 20 years and counting as an architectural student, a registered architect, a contractor and a property developer, Jonathan’s ability to reconcile all stake holders’ needs and concerns enables identification of common gaps within the industry:


Students – The emphasis on design than the essentials of architectural practice in local schools have left many students under-prepared for their career upon graduation. The need to receive intensive on-job-training while handling heavy demands of work leads to long working hours and imbalanced work-life and remuneration. Feeling jaded, the industry loses talent easily which the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) has also been actively trying to resolve too. We strive to complement the academics with bridging interventions to better equip our students and fresh graduates to their architectural career.


Architects – On top of the similar gaps experienced by students who stayed on in the industry and eventually become Architects, these professionals experience rapid industry and regulatory changes as well as evolving digital transformation such as environmental sustainability and usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Juggling with increasing demands of the Property Market, Architects are also looked towards when providing for an inclusive built environment for the young, elderly, and physically challenged groups. We strive to be part of the property ecology at every stage possible in educating various stakeholders the common pitfalls and lessons learnt so that everyone could contribute to a positive environment and way of life.


Contractor – As the party who materializes the as-built, the large-scale conventional usage of materials in doing so have been one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases. Apart from the Architect, the Contractor is the next in line to safeguard environmental sustainability, while keeping cost low and deliver projects on time. We strive to collaborate with Contractors not just to deliver the best quality projects, but also in the most environmentally friendly manner to safeguard future generations.


Property Developer / Owners – Faced with tight move in and reinstatement timeline imposed by landlords / authority, these professionals often find themselves racing against time to complete their property before infringing certain authority regulations, thus translating such pressures downstream to the Architects and Contractors. These timelines are often hindered by many stakeholders in a team who has varied KPIs. Hence, we strive to improve operational, cost and time efficiency for property developers and owners by championing new initiatives, workflows and processes which complement regulatory requirements.

Our Key to User Experience Success 

Sit Back and Stay Guided Step by Step 


Human Centric Design


Social Impact Design 


Contextualise Design

Evaluate current & conceptualise future lifestyle and/ or operation needs 

Identify gaps and opportunities for change/ innovation 

Conceptualise and develop intrinsic iterations to bridge gaps through drawings, models and 3D renderings

Create positive social impact through spatial and landscape designs infusing: 

a) Sustainability 

b) Inclusiveness 

c) Branding 

Infuse site context, constraints, and neighbor's expectations in favor of design iterations 

Schematic & Design Development of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Works 

Fusion of detailing and interior design for holistic user experience 


Authority Clearance 

Obtain clearances from full suite of authority agencies to commence works 

Arrange and attend all authority inspections and ensure work complies with regulations 

Supervise and facilitate all authority clearances necessary to obtain Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) and Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) 



Document tender drawings, specifications, and documents according to the approved design 

Conduct open tender to a wide range of reputable and established contractors 

Evaluate tender submissions to ensure fair bidding and a holistic scope of works 

Facilitate interviews and negotiation process 



Administer building contracts to safeguard interests of both owners and contractors 

Project Lead and Project Manage all stakeholders on behalf of owner via regular site meetings and inspections to ensure works are done accurately and on time. 

Defects management and facilitate the handover of completed works to owners 


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