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Completed in 2023 

Situated within the central Bishan estate with a 2-storey mixed landed zoning, we welcome a tropical green lover inter-terrace residential living.

For a family of 7, comprising of a young family with 3 children, and a helper, its initial objective was simple; maximize gross floor area. Along with further discussions with our team, its specially crafted design is born; 

•    An elevated ceiling within the lobby, brings a sense of elegance and luxurious touch. 
•    Expanding the outdoor porch garden right into the middle of the entire first storey, bringing in natural lighting, airflow, and greenery. This beautiful touch of nature, together with clients’ intentions for a grand piano infuses a relaxing and soothing environment 
•    Leveraging on the extensive length the site enjoys, the indoor garden and lounge area separates the common area and the back of the house, featuring a direct view to the bar counter and dry kitchen, giving it a more exclusive feel and a greater sense of privacy for the family. 
•    Increasing the number of rooms from 4 to 7 to cater to the needs of their growing children, including an entertainment room in the attic as they welcome guests to their beautiful home

We have obtained CSC on behalf of the Owner who are now happily settled in their new home.

Indeed, at Archtur, we facilitate our clients in being the "Author of Your Dreams". 

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