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Completed in 2023 

A Multi-generational Family Home Rooted in Style: Colchester Grove 


The Colchester Grove house was made a reality through meticulous planning, thoughtful design and creative iterations as a response to the client’s brief. 


Working within a 2-storey+attic building height constraint, we aimed to maximise the gross floor area (GFA) without compromising on ceiling heights. The final result is a unique split-level layout that connects all levels of the new-build in a visually stunning manner, while still allowing for seamless transitions that flow throughout different areas of the house. 


A triple volume space with a floating walkway was designed, to fulfil two main requirements of allowing guest access to the entertainment spaces on the 2nd level while maintaining the privacy of the owners’ personal areas, while at the same time, ensuring that natural light still flows into the main living room on the ground level. A home lift was configured to serve every level of the house, including the mezzanine level. 

Wood grain details and deep earthy tones adorn the façade, screens, and interior spaces of the Colchester Grove house, in a contemporary style focused on dramatic contrasts. Drawing inspiration from the city of Colchester in the UK at the same time, we sought to infuse the essence of the city’s architecture, known for its earthy brown brick tones into the interiors. 

Achieving a harmonious balance of these design details allowed us to create a warm and sophisticated sanctuary for this multi-generational family. 

The client’s brief also succinctly detailed the diverse needs and preferences of each family member; from his & hers spaces such as individual study rooms and carved out areas within bathrooms for the owners, to a versatile, conducive space and playful bedroom for their young boy, to the grandparents’ spaces with the light tones of a serene retreat in mind; down to the entertainment areas for guests. The various aspects and details of each space were carefully considered to ensure functionality, comfort, and longevity. 

For us, Colchester Grove is not just a house; it is a home that embodies the essence of contemporary architecture and timeless design. 

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