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In Collaboration with JDB Design and Build Pte Ltd 



Authority Submissions in Progress

Client’s brief background

  • Multi-generational living 

Key design objectives

  • Catering for multi-generational living

  • Clear segregation of the plot of land into 2 wings;

  • to provide senior and junior family the exclusivity and privacy of their own space within the higher floors, and

  • at the same time, create a luxurious, expansive, vibrant and welcoming ground floor, including a lap pool that divides the two wings, and full suite of communal facilities for hosting and gatherings

  • Huge basement and long entry way to provide for generous vehicle parking when either family or both families host

  • Intentional and deliberate water features at corners of the whole plot of land, together with generous spaces catered for nature and greenery, that gives of soothing and relaxing environment upon returning home

  • Future-proofing with facilities that brings sustainable usage of energy, and catering to potential future shifts to electric cars, such as lift, EV charging, and solar panel system


Design preferences and desires

  • Distinctive façade

  • Landscaping and water features, especially within the communal spaces on the first storey, where they anticipate most of the social gatherings to be

  • Having extensive communal facilities/ amenities including two grand pianos, each at the entrance of each wing, a children’s play room, gym room, outdoor jacuzzi, steam room, outdoor open area for alfresco dining, and entertainment/ karaoke room, massage room, family room, barbeque pits and open terraces, and function room built in with numerous 6 and 12 seater dining, bar counter, and pantry, fully equipped to host large scale gatherings

  • Exclusive and personalized Walk-in closet and bathtub for the master and junior master bedroom

​Now in its authority submission phase, we look forward to the commencement of works on-site. 

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