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In Collaboration with Rich Element Pte Ltd 



Construction in Progress

Fancy returning home from a long day of work, greeted by a luxurious and welcoming living area, fitted with sliding doors that bring you towards a full 9m long lap pool filled with lush greenery landscaping that spans the entire side of the property?

Situated within the Serangoon Garden estate with a 2-storey mixed landed zoning, we welcome a luxurious and expansive Semi-Detached residential living.

The design and layout of the property is born out of the owners’ love for hosting and a desire for a full suite of private facilities within their home, while maximizing its gross floor area. Here are some key highlights:

  • A bar counter just beside its lap pool, so you can chill and enjoy a fine glass of cocktail by the pool​

  • An elevated ceiling within the dining, brings a sense of elegance and luxurious touch, and gives its mezzanine ample lighting and ventilation​

  • An entertainment center on its mezzanine level, which includes a study, family area, and massive outdoor balcony​

  • A generous master bedroom that occupies close to half its floor plate, fitted with a luxurious walk-in closet for your very own fashion collection, and a total of 4 common bedrooms fitted with their own toilet and study area. One of the common bedrooms on its mezzanine floor is even fitted with its very own walk-in closet, to cater to their guests' convenient stay!

Now undergoing construction work, we look forward to handing over the keys of their dream home to our clients!

At Archtur, we facilitate our clients in being the "Author of Your Dreams". 

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