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Completed in 2023 

Client: Kelly Oriental Aesthetic Clinic 

Interior Design: Monolab Studio 

C&S Engineer: WCT Consult 

M&E Engineer: Deneed Services Consultants

Builder: Sing Tatt Construction 

Transforming a 2-storey shophouse from a restaurant into an aesthetic clinic presents an interesting challenge; from spatial planning within existing site constraints and authorities’ regulations, to creating an inviting client experience. 

For Kelly Oriental Aesthetic Clinic, ensuring that their clients start their wellness journey by entering into a warm, calm and welcoming space was essential to the overall experience. For us, we sought to balance function and form. 


The main entrance serves to invite clients with a tea reception, followed by adjourning up to the consultation and treatment rooms for their selected treatment, and back to wind down after. To enable this spatial transition, a significant reconfiguration of the shophouse unit was required, to ensure that substantial area is freed up within the site and its constraints, and in line with authorities’ regulations. 

Every square inch is efficiently, purposefully and critically planned for, allowing for greater space utilisation. This enabled us to accommodate a larger entrance, more consultation and treatment rooms with views of the external cityscape, and ancillary facilities mirroring a full-suite clinic. 


With that in mind, a crucial part of our solution was to rethink the space planning of mandatory building components. The existing escape staircase at the front has been relocated to the rear, and the existing lift was retained centrally, with the addition of a newly-introduced interconnecting spiral staircase that has since transformed into a main focal point. Enhanced with a metallic finish backdrop, the functional stairwell adds to the loft-like feel of the space, making for a visually striking centrepiece and design highlight as you enter. 


At the attic level, we envisioned a private dining area with the relaxing ambience of the lower levels, and a high ceiling to accentuate the expansiveness of the space. This was achieved by overcoming an unconventional mandate by the authorities: modifying the existing roof profile of this shophouse to mirror its neighbours. 


To work through this design challenge, we explored and analysed all possible iterations in the schematic design phase, in close collaboration with various consultants and authority agencies. The new roof profile, reconstructed in a similar pitch, angle, colour and material of its neighbours, now blends seamlessly into the row of shophouses along Holland Road. 


This rewarding project not only aligns with our client’s vision, but also mitigates design challenges with a unique user experience and human-centric design.

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