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In Collaboration with YCM Construction Pte Ltd



Completed in 2022

Nestled within the Sembawang Hills Estate, we welcome a new luxurious inter-terrace residential living.

Its design is inspired by clients’ desire for an indoor garden that separates the common area and its back of house, featuring a direct view to the bar counter, giving it a more exclusive feel and a greater sense of privacy. 

With the long plot of land that this inter-terrace enjoys, an elevated ceiling within the lobby brings a sense of elegance and luxurious touch. The air well within the home also allows for more natural ventilation, lighting, and a touch of nature that bring life to the space.

Following 15 months of hard work involving design iterations, authority submissions, and construction by the team of architects, engineers, and builders, we are proud to share that CSC has been obtained and we have handed over the keys to the proud owner of this beautiful intermediate terrace house. 

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