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Construction in Progress

Situated within the Hougang planning area with a 3-storey mixed landed zoning, we welcome luxurious corner terrace residential living.

  • A family of 6, a couple with two boys and two girls, and a helper

  • Their intention is to maximize GFA, with practical considerations and needs in mind

  • Luxurious walk-in wardrobe and bathtub, and outdoor balcony all exclusive to the master bedroom for an alfresco, relaxing, and romantic date night

  • Accommodating a total of 5 bedrooms of varied sizing and room type, to cater to the different needs of each individual within the households, and also ready to host guests over the weekend and during the school holidays

  • Two common bedroom is also built-in with their own personal workspace. Together with a common family room on the upper floors, such layouts cater to a more conducive space for focused work, and flexible work-from-home arrangements should the need arise

  • With huge communal spaces on the ground floor, our lovely homeowners can look forward to hosting festive occasions and parties within the comfort of their own homes, with their loved ones. They can also look forward to coming home after a whole day of work, winding down in their very own dry kitchen and bar counter, and enjoying a cozy night together

  • Careful considerations were also taken for its façade and landscape so that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also welcoming.

We’re into the final stages of tender calling and will be awarding the project to a builder of their choice very soon for commencement of works onsite so stay with us as we bring you more updates along the way for this lovely family!

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