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In Collaboration with The Orange Cube Pte Ltd



Construction in Progress

Situated within the Bishan enclave with a 2-storey Semi-Detached Landed Zoning, we welcome the reconstruction of a classic and serene semi-detached residential living.

Are you someone who enjoys soaking in nature and enjoys the serenity, peace, and privacy that it exudes?

Are you someone who loves to host family and friends at your place?

Are you someone who values quality time with your better half?

Are you someone who keeps a collection of luxurious fashion designer pieces and have trouble deciding on your outfit for the day?

If this is you, you will love the design of this classic property. Here are some sneak previews:​


  • A master bedroom, together with another common bedroom occupies the entire second storey, where you will be greeted by a luxurious showcase of your designer collection through a walk-in closet, luxurious bathroom, vanity counter, and island dresser that is bound to delight. Within the master bedroom, in addition to a walk-in closet, you will notice the expansive space sufficient to cater for a king bed, tv console, lounge area, and study, before you finally reach your very own private balcony. Who needs a staycation when you have your very own presidential suite within the comfort of your own home?​

  • How about entertainment and physical wellness within the comfort and safety of your own home? For this family, elements of fun, wellness, and play are added with intentional spaces for an expansive living, dining, and designated area for tea and hosting of big groups of family and friends surrounded by the lush landscape of nature on the ground floor, and an entertainment room, accompanied by an outdoor balcony suitable for barbeque and alfresco dining gatherings, and a library for peaceful and quiet read all within the attic. Would not their guests be in for a treat? :)​

  • With much of its floor plate catered to common spaces, you will be amazed at how this desirable home is able to fit a total of 6 bedrooms including its master bedroom! ​

  • Last but not least, in order to future-proof their homes, our clients have also allocated an addition of a future lift.

With works ongoing on site, we look forward to the day we hand over the keys to our clients, as we materialize our clients’ desires for their new home!

Indeed, at Archtur, we facilitate our clients in being the "Author of Your Dreams"

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