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Completed in 2024

Each project presents a blank canvas on which we weave the unique visions of our clients. 


Aligning with our client’s needs, we successfully carved out distinct zones suited for both personal and shared spaces for this family of 7, as well as the highlight of this intermediate terrace home - generous space for a skylight from which streams an abundance of natural light and enables the natural flow of air.


With the skylight as a core feature bringing air and light ventilation into the home, we intentionally decked it with timber flooring, further infusing a sense of calmness and warmth. Incorporating this vertical airwell at the heart of the home was carefully considered and carefully planned for, to enable our clients to enjoy it throughout all levels of their home; from hosting and entertaining at the living and dining areas at the ground level, up to the entertainment space, and their individual spaces at the upper levels, in the form of a unique indoor balcony fronting each of the bedrooms; something they can appreciate for many years to come. 

For the interiors, we were inspired to further extend nature into the home, seen in the varied use of wood textures, and thoughtfully-placed light fittings that create an ambience in which this multi-generational family can live, play and entertain. A clean white palette ties it all together, achieving the desired minimalist outcome. 


An open plan concept was adopted for the Richards Place house, allowing us to conceptualise clearly delineated zones for the family’s various uses; from functional spaces such as the service yard, wet kitchen, and helpers’ room, to social spaces such as the living hall, dining room and dry kitchen. Each individualised bedroom also had a personal study corner, ensuring a conducive space should the need arise. 


These generously proportioned zones were also made possible as we integrated the stairwell in an elongated orientation along one of the boundary walls of the house, instead of having it in the centre of the home as a focal point. Precious interior space was saved, and at the same time, a unique exterior quality was brought to the façade, seen through full height glass windows. 


Clean, minimalist and light-filled - successfully delivered for this family home.

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