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In Collaboration with Exodus 31 Design Pte Ltd 


Jalan Kesoma, Singapore 

Completed in 2023

Previously a 2-storey corner terrace, it lies within an enclave that allows for a maximum of 3 storeys + 1 Attic.

Together with its large plot, the potential for development is huge. Its design inspiration stems from the clients’ 4 main objectives: 

•    Maximize its gross floor area 
•    Practical considerations for maintenance and regular cleaning 
•    Potential Investment value 
•    Children’s usage of the spaces 


With these in mind, premier modern corner-terrace living is on its way within the Upper Paya Lebar estate.

A contemporary yet luxurious fit-out to its living spaces which accentuates the lofty high living room, dry kitchen, and dining area. The owner has a large option of hosting their guests either by show cooking, chilling in the living room, or even having a private BBQ at the roof terraces.

TOP has now been obtained and clients have commenced their moving into their desired home! Indeed, we facilitate our clients in being the "Archtur of their dreams". 

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