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In Collaboration with Rich Element Pte Ltd 


Thong Soon green, singapore 

Authority Submissions in Progress

Client’s brief background

A family who believes in clear segregation of spaces for specific purposes, who loves hosting friends and family within their space, catering rooms for their stays, while tucking the back of the house as well as their personal spaces away from public sight, and in the upper floors, keeping the home neat and tidy and ready to host guests whenever.

Key design objectives

  • Maximizing gross floor area (GFA)

  • Catering for as many bedrooms as the property allows, for potential future appreciation of the property

  • Future-proofing and sustainability-focused, catering space for the lift should the needs arise

Design preferences and desires

  • Catering for large communal spaces within the ground floor for social and family gatherings

  • Having built-in basic facilities/ amenities similar to the provision of condominiums such as possible gym area, outdoor open area for alfresco dining, and entertainment room

  • Provision of a guest room on the ground floor to welcome friends and families from overseas to stay in should they come to Singapore

  • Exclusive and personalized Walk-in closet and bathtub for the master and junior master bedroom

  • Large outdoor balcony spaces in more than half the total number of bedrooms for relaxation after a full day of work

Now in its authority submission phase, we look forward to the commencement of works on site. 

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