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In Collaboration with Rich Element Pte Ltd 



Authority Submissions in Progress

Client’s brief background
Multi-generational and extended family living 


Key design objectives

  • Catering for multi-generational and extended family living

  • Future-proofing with facilities that bring convenience, sustainable usage of energy, and catering to potential future shifts to electric cars, such as lift, EV charging, and solar panel system

  • Provision for both communal spaces for social gatherings and family get-togethers and private spaces that everyone can retreat to after a full day of work

  • The majority of such landed homes have an average of 5 to 8 bedrooms. For this client, they saw the provision for ensuite bathrooms for almost all of its 11 bedrooms as a way to also future-proof the home, while potentially benefitting from future rental yields should the opportunity arises, and also high capital appreciation potential due to the number of rooms

Design preferences and desires

  • Distinctive façade

  • Landscaping and water features, especially within the communal spaces on the first storey, where they anticipate most of the social gatherings to be

  • Catering for communal spaces within each level for direct families adds another level of privacy

  • Having built-in basic facilities/ amenities similar to the provision of condominiums such as a gym room, outdoor jacuzzi, outdoor open area for alfresco dining, and entertainment room

  • Provision of 2 guest rooms on the ground floor to welcome friends and families from overseas to stay in should they come to Singapore

  • Exclusive and personalized Walk-in closet and bathtub for the master and junior master bedroom

Now in its authority submission phase, we look forward to the commencement of works on-site. 

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