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In Collaboration with Rich Element Pte Ltd 



Construction in Progress

Located within the Bukit Timah enclave, we anticipate a brand new 3 storey multi-generational living in a brand new semi-detached house!

Termed ‘Best of both worlds’ by our team, this project focuses on the desires and wishes of 3 main stakeholders; 3 extended families living together in this multi-generational home. Their objectives were simple, while benefitting from the “Kampong spirit” where larger family nucleus can support for one another, they will also like to enjoy the exclusive and private time within the direct family. 

We work closely with the 3 main stakeholders, understanding each family nucleus and with their preferred priorities, the desired design is born with careful choice of materials and colors that gives its façade a modern look. 

•    A family hall and common area at each level allows for quality time within each direct family nucleus
•    Expansive and luxurious lobby to cater for extended family gathering together 
•    Maximise the gross floor area to meet the needs of the growing families 
•    Each room is built-in with its wardrobe and study/ lounge area, giving each user a sense of luxury, privacy, and exclusive space 

With works ongoing on site, we look forward to the day we hand over the keys to our clients, as we materialize our clients’ desires for their new home!

Indeed, at Archtur, we facilitate our clients in being the "Author of Your Dreams".

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